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Mashup Hero

Transform into your favorite superhero and win against all the enemies on your path to saving the world!

Bring It Home Icon.png
Bring It Home

Cross the road to bring home the missing items! Can you make it?

Bring It Home
Sky Builder

Build your bridges while running from building to building in a dangerous course to the finish line. Can you be the best sky builder?

Sky Builder
Tidy Up 3D

Clean up cubes from amazing 3D pictures and put all the pieces into the hole.

Clear the board to level up and become the Tidy Master to rule them all.

Game developed in collaboration with FortyFour Games and AppTout.

Tidy Up
Ramped Up Icon.png
Ramped Up

Get ready for some pure bouncing action, satisfaction guaranteed!
Collect the diamonds as you go to complete your trophy room whilst making your way to the top of the global leaderboards.

Ramped Up was developed in collaboration with RisingHigh Studio and we're super thrilled about it!

Ramped Up
Dunker IO Icon.png

Another awesome collab with RisingHigh Studio, this game will really get you excited.
Start dunking in an insane multiplayer .io basketball court, yup!

Game developed in collaboration with RisingHigh Studio.

Hammer Smash - Icon 1024 - V.2.0.png
Hammer Smash

Tap the screen to change direction!
Will you Hammer Smash your way to victory?

Game developed in collaboration with RisingHigh Studio.

Hammer Smash
Bobble Bunch
Ultimate Pet Adventure

Discover the mysterious world where you'll be guiding your bobble pet and keep it safe from all the wicked traps that you'll encounter along the way.


It's a risky journey, but do you dare to take the challenge? 

Bobble Bunch
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