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Out now on iOS and Android
Bobble Bunch: Ultimate Pet Adventure

Guide your bobble pet through a mysterious world full of obstacles and wicked traps.

Bobble Bunch is the kind of game that might seem easy to play at first but it will instantly immerse you in an outlandish world that will turn your hands sweaty quite fast. What seems like an easy and relaxed journey in the beginning, is destined to become filled with danger as you progress through the strange world of bobble pets. Beware the devilish traps while guiding your pets to safety, do you think you have what it takes to save them?


Travel through mesmerizing portals, avoid the green orbs and try not to get caught by the deadly electricity beam. Using simple controls, all you need are fast reactions, cunning timing and nerves of steel in order to reach the blue saving light.

Game Features:

◉ Distinctive And Beautifully Crafted Graphics

◉ 11 Pets To Collect & Play

◉ 30 Challenging Levels
◉ Simple Gameplay Controls
◉ Endless Arcade Action

◉ Game Centre Leaderboard

Team Members:


Flavia Sfia
Ciprian Bojin

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